• lenora salon kit white apron

    Lenora Salon Kit With White Cutting Sheet

    Kit Includes:
    1- Cutting Sheet (White)
    2- 3 ply mask
    3- latex gloves (one pair)
    4- shoe cover (one pair)
    5- Wet Wipe
    6- Hood Cap
    7- Apron

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  • double-laye-face-maskdouble-laye-face-mask

    Double Layer Face Mask


    Comfortable to wear
    Perfect finish
    Breathable: Yes
    Fluid repellent: Yes
    Fluid impervious: No
    Minimum Order: 1000 Pcs

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  • Lenora Salon Kit With Black Cutting Sheet

    Kit Includes:
    1- Cutting Sheet (black)
    2- 3 ply mask
    3- latex gloves (one pair)
    4- shoe cover (one pair)
    5- Wet Wipe
    6- Hood Cap
    7- Apron

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  • lenora travel kit

    Lenora Travel Kit

    Kit Includes:
    1- 3 ply mask
    2- latex gloves (one pair)
    3- Wet Wipe
    4- Hood Cap
    5- Apron

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  • Face mask elasticFace mask elastic

    Disposable Face Mask (Tie Knot)


    it comes in two styles tie knot and ear-loop
    Soft, lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear
    Mask is made of non-woven fabric for easy breathable
    Easy breathable, effective multi layer bacterial filter
    Used in medical, dental, laboratory, food sectors, school, household, industry and multi-purpose
    Size: Free Size
    MOQ: 25 Pcs
    GST: 5%

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  • Disposable-Cutting-Cape

    Disposable Cutting Cape


    Waterproof and anti-static
    Fit varying neck size
    Premium quality
    Multi function
    Size: Free Size
    MOQ: 10pcs
    GST: 12%

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  • Water-Proof-Cutting-Colouring-SheetWater-Proof-Cutting,-Colouring-Sheet

    Water Proof Cutting/Coloring Sheet


    light weight
    Fit varying neck sizes
    multi-functional one,
    perfect for Salon cutting,
    styling and coloring
    MOQ: 10 Pcs
    GST: 12%

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  • washable-salon-apron

    Washable Polyester Apron For Salons


    Washable polyester  Apron
    Ties At Back For Size Adjustable
    Soft and very light weight apron
    minimum order: 2 pcs

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  • White-Working-Apron

    Disposable Working Apron White/Blue


    Made of high quality material
    Used in restaurant,spa, hotel etc.
    Size: Free size
    Color: White & Blue
    MOQ: 10 Pcs
    GST: 12%

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  • Manicure Pedicure TowelManicure Pedicure Towel

    Baby Towel Disposable


    Natural, soft and skin-friendly and can replace the towel
    Application:Beauty Salon/personal care
    Size: 20 x 28 (in)
    MOQ: 10 pcs
    GST: 12%

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  • disposable-face-towel

    Disposable Face Towel


    Ideal for face cleaning
    Gentle enough to clean face and hands at home
    Size: 20×20 inch
    MOQ: 500 pcs
    GST: 12 %

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  • Sale!

    Disposable Ustra (Razor)

    10.00 8.50

    Material: Stainless Steel
    Grip Material: Plastic
    Weight: 20-30 gm
    Usage: Saloon
    Packaging Type:  Box
    Packaging : 100 pcs/packet
    MOQ: 100 Pcs
    GST: 18 %

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  • shower-cap-loose

    Shower Cap(Loose)


    They are reusable
    Shower Cap While Taking Bath
    Also Could Be Used for Salons and Spa
    Minimum Order : 100 pcs

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  • Water Proof Shower CapWater-Proof-Shower-Cap

    Water Proof Shower Cap (Umbrella)


    Easy To Carry
    Style: Disposable
    Material: Polythene
    Color: Clear transparent
    Size: Free size, one size fits most
    Minimum order: 10 pcs

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  • Salon Safety Gloves 100 Pcs/Box


    Packing : 100 Pcs per Dispenser box
    10 dispenser box per master Carton
    Color: Black
    Weight (Box/100): 1200 gms
    Volume (Box/100): 2200 cubic cm
    MOQ: 100pc
    GST: 12%

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