• Latex Gloves (Small/Medium/Large) 100 Pcs/Box


    Powdered Exam Gloves, Latex, Smooth Surface 5.0g,
    Non Sterile, Disposable
    Hypo-Allergic, Ambidextrous
    Texture: Micro Rough
    Standard: ASTM D3578, En455
    Quality: AQL 1.5
    Packing: 100 Pcs per Dispenser box,
    10 dispenser box per master Carton
    Weight (Box/100): 1200 gms
    Volume (Box/100): 2200 cubic cm.
    MOQ: 100 Pcs
    M.R.P. 4.5 / Pcs
    GST: 12%

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  • Surgical Gloves


    Attractive design
    Light weight
    Easy to Wear
    Price: ₹ 15/pair
    MOQ: 50 Pair
    GST: 12%

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  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves


    Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves, Finger Textured, 2.2 mil (3.0g)
    Made from synthetic Latex, contain no latex proteins
    More puncture resistant that natural rubber.
    Perfect finish, Latex free, odour free and powder free.
    Packing : 100 Pcs per Dispenser box
    10 dispenser box per master Carton
    Color: Blue/Black
    Weight (Box/100): 1200 gms
    Volume (Box/100): 2200 cubic cm
    MOQ: 100 Pcs
    GST: 12%

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  • Rubber Gloves Washable


    Single pair packing
    Price : Rs 35/ pair
    Packing: 10 Pairs/ packet
    Weight: 60 g approx
    Material: Rubber
    Color : Orange
    MOQ: 5 Pairs
    GST: 18%

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