• Battery Operated Sanitizer Spray Machine


    Battery: 12V 8AH
    Operating Time: 2-3 Hours
    Charging Time: 8-12 Hours
    GST: 18%

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  • Black Disposable Panty 10 Qty / Pack

    From: 65.00

    Non woven disposable panties comfortable for female.

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  • Black Panty Spunlace Fabric (XXL)


    Light and breathable for body
    Soft and comfortable
    Cost Effective
    Available Sizes: XXL
    Color: Black
    10 pcs

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  • Body Scrub For Personal And Parlour


    Weight: 1 kg
    Application Area: body
    Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types

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  • boxer shorts

    Boxer Shorts (Regular | XL | XXL | XXXL | Jumbo)

    From: 220.00

    100% Cotton, Ultra soft, smooth comfort flex waistband
    Size: Regular | XL | XXL | XXXL | Jumbo

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  • burn-drape-sheet

    Burn Drape Sheet


    Size: 210×120 cm
    Color: Medical Blue
    Minimum Order: 100 Pcs

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  • business-kit

    Business Kit


    Kit Contain:
    1 pad
    1 pen
    1 pencil
    Minimum Order: 500 pcs

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  • c-arm-cover

    C-Arm Cover


    Color: white
    Material: Plastic
    Size: Standard
    Uses: Hospital, Clinic
    Minimum Order: 1000 Pcs

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  • Cleanup KitBody-Towel

    Cleanup Kit


    Kit Contains:
    1 Towel
    1 facial band
    2 napkin
    10 cotton squares
    Minimum Order: 100 kits

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  • Coloring Sheet


    Non-woven fabric+Paper
    Waterproof layer
    size: 72”x31”

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  • disposable-face-towel

    Coloring Towel


    Size: 24×48 inch
    Minimum Order: 10 pcs

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  • Comb

    Comb Paper Pouch Packing


    Color: White
    Usage: Hotel, Salon, Spa, Pc
    Brand: No Brand self manufactured
    Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pcs

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  • common-kitBody-Towel

    Common Kit


    Kit Contains:
    1 Towel
    1 Gown
    1 Bed Sheet
    1 Mouth Mask
    1 Trash Bag
    Minimum Order: 100 kits

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  • Compressed natural scrubber for bodyCompressed natural scrubber for body

    Compressed natural scrubber for body


    The Compressed natural scrubber is perfect for exfoliating dry skin to keep it smooth and sleek.

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  • Compressed Rowel TowelCompressed Rowel Towel

    Compressed Rowel Towel 100 Qty / Pack

    From: 300.00

    Color: White
    Size: Coin Size
    non-woven fabrics
    Compressed Rowel Towel

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