• Double Layer Face Mask


    Comfortable to wear
    Perfect finish
    Breathable: Yes
    Fluid repellent: Yes
    Fluid impervious: No
    Minimum Order: 1000 Pcs

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  • Examination Gloves


    Single Use
    Smooth Surface
    Lightly Powdered
    Minimum Order: 100 pcs

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    Disposable Bedsheet ( Single Pc Folding)


    Size: 76 X 182(cm) / 30 X 72(in) / 2.5 X 6(ft)

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  • Body-Towel

    Common Kit


    Kit Contains:
    1 Towel
    1 Gown
    1 Bed Sheet
    1 Mouth Mask
    1 Trash Bag
    Minimum Order: 100 kits

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  • shower-cap-loose

    Shower Cap(Loose)


    They are reusable
    Shower Cap While Taking Bath
    Also Could Be Used for Salons and Spa
    Minimum Order : 100 pcs

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  • Slippers-(CLOTHED)-CLOSE

    Spa Slippers (Non Woven) Close


    Ideal For : Men And Women
    Size : Standard ( Free Size)
    Multipurpose and Comfortable Slippers
    Minimum order: 10 pairs

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  • blue disposable facial Gown

    Disposable Facial Gown 10 Quantity/Pack


    Beauty Salon Use Disposable facial gown Non woven (Colorful)..
    Size: S
    10 pcs

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  • Disposable Waxing Strips

    Disposable Waxing Strips 100 Quantity / Packet

    From: 50.00

    Waxing strips are plain without wax on it, use your own wax
    High quality non woven fabric
    Good capacity

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  • Facial Disposable Tissue/Napkin 100 Quantity/ Pack

    From: 70.00

    This Disposable Tissue is highly demanded by clients due to its unique designing and distinct features.

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  • hotel-slipper-5mm-openhotel-slipper-5mm

    Hotel Slippers (Terry Towel 5mm) Open/ Close

    From: 35.00

    These slippers are easy, casual and fashion open-toe design
    The sole of the slipper is thick and strong
    Specially made for the house indoor using
    Minimum order: 5 pairs
    Size : Standard ( Free Size)

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  • Slippers-(TOWELLING)-FRONThotel-slipper-2mm

    Hotel Slippers (Terry Towel 2 mm) Open/Close


    Size : Standard ( Free Size)
    EVA nonslip sole
    compatible for all
    Minimum order: 5 pairs

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  • Disposable-Face-Wipes-(Rectangle)Disposable-Face-Wipes

    Disposable Face Wipes (Rectangle) 100 Quantity / Packet


    Convenient, resealable
    packaging prevents the wipes from drying
    locks-in moisture and helps retain freshness

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  • Natrual LoofaNatrual Loofa

    Natrual Loofah (4,6,8,10,12 inch ) 10 Pcs

    From: 100.00

    Natural body scrubber loofah sponge.
    Available size: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 (inch)
    Packet Size: 10pcs

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  • Body-Towel

    Cleanup Kit


    Kit Contains:
    1 Towel
    1 facial band
    2 napkin
    10 cotton squares
    Minimum Order: 100 kits

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  • White-Working-Apron

    Disposable Working Apron White/Blue 10 Quantity / Packet


    Made of high quality material
    Used in restaurant,spa, hotel etc.
    free size

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