Magic Coin Tissue Plain ( Bulk Packing)

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SKU: magic-coin-tissue-plain-bulk-packing


Made of 100% Natural fiber
Safe for all Skin Types
Easy to Carry Thanx to Compact Size
Simply Pour Hot or Cold Water For The Desired Effect
Cleansing & Refreshing
Quantity: 500/packet


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Magic coin tissue is made from 100% natural fiber and its shape is just like a coin. It is very soft, Hygienic, durable and environmental friendly product. How to be used: We have to do pour the water to dried form then it grows to its full size. Depending on the water we pour, it can be used as hot or cold tissue. Applications & Uses: Ideal product for home, office, restaurants, hospitals, schools, picnic, camping, travel, promotion gifts, etc.. For babies and kids Use as a sale promotion tool Removing makeup and nail polish remover During the travelling. (Traveling, Mountain climbing, Golf) Places where health and hygiene are extremely important (restaurant, hotels, hospitals, etc.) Salon, Conference rooms Key Features:- Easy to carry (due to its size) Both type of water (hot & Cold) available to control the temperature of tissue. Made from 100% natural fibers, safe for skin Bio-gradable We can insert the tissue in other types of liquids to us it is as a functional tissue.

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