Herbal Hand Sanitizer For Office Use (10 Ltr)

SKU: herbal-hand-sanitizer-for-office-use-10-ltr
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SKU: herbal-hand-sanitizer-for-office-use-10-ltr


Smart Protection
Take care of all Germs
Taking care of a Baby or Small Children or Patients
Quantity: 10 ltr / Can
MOQ: 5 Can
GST: 18%

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This herbal hand sanitizer makes sure that your hands remain supple and soft and also gives you germ-free skin. It comes in a 10 ltrs. This herbal sanitizer has antibacterial, fungicidal and properties, which help keep viruses, bacteria and fungus at bay. Use it anytime you want! The sanitizer, which is formed of natural oils and plant extracts, is the best substitute when water and soap are unavailable. Use it before having your meal or feeding your kid as the product makes sure your hands are completely germ-free.

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5 Can


10 Ltr / Can


18 %


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