Cotton Pad 100 Pcs

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SKU: cotton-pad-100-pcs


Face cleaner
White in color
Makeup remover
They are not sticky to the skin
They have high absorption ability
Packet size : 100 pcs


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People do not consider using wet towels to clean their face and to remove the makeup. The paper towels and wet tissues are also not considered to give the best results to them. They may leave the lint on the skin after they are used. Therefore, people consider using Cotton Pad to get the best results on their skin.

These Cotton Pads are strong and do not leave behind the lint on the skin after they are used, high ability to absorb and remove the dirt from the skin and do not leave any scars or redness on the skin. They are soft and gentle on the skin. These Cotton Pads can also be left overnight to get the best results. They are anti bacterial and go under special treatment to help keep the skin clean and glowing.

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100 pcs






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